Increased productivity through Zoom Head

Posted on: 15th June 2016

The zoom head design from Mitsubishi uses clever technology within the head which uses different lenses to produce the different beam diameter and focal point to give the results required for the cutting quality on the thin and mid-range material. On the thicker material the Zoom Head has an additional automatic device that allows the change of the mode to facilitate processing heavy plate up to the maximum material thickness of the machine. The other benefit from the Zoom Head is the sealed head and maintenance free which takes out operator intervention along with the added safety of head collision protection through the magnetic attached head.

Features of the Zoom Head:

  • All in one head design
  • Auto-focus range 3.75″ – 10″
  • Automatic beam mode manipulation – thin to thick
  • No lens cleaning required
  • The industry’s’ best magnetic collision protection
  • Available on 6kW (standard) and 4kW (option)

Read an online brochure for the Mitsubishi Fiber range.
The video below is a short clip about the Zoom Head features.

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